Customer Service, It’s Complicated

A frustrated colleague once said to me “this job would be much easier if we didn’t have any customers”. While obviously unrealistic sometimes I can understand where he was coming from. Customers are complex, they are unpredictable and no matter how often we try to fit them into a standard framework or process there are always one or two who refuse to play ball or who’s problem you’ve failed to predict. It’s then that customer service really becomes complicated? The customer service agent has to begin the information trawl throughout the organisation via multiple colleagues and multiplebusiness applications to find the solution for the customer problem.

This example from Forrester shows the complexity of a customer service department in a N.American telecoms organisation.

Customer service processes are complex business processes because customers are complex. The challenge all organisations and IT departments face is how do they support their service staff and cut through this complexity.

Step forward Case Management

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