BPM and Case Management Cloud Integration

As well as introducing (to me anyway) yet another Gartner addition to the cloud taxonomy in the form of “integration platform as a service (iPaaS)” this article by Ross Mason “Will loud hit the wall without good integration?” poses some interesting questions for BPM and Case Management.

The article raises an issue that threatens to stall the current rate of adoption of SaaS applications, specifically integration between existing on-premise and cloud applications. For BPM and Case Management PaaS (Platform as a Service) vendors integration is a key topic. Many business processes cut horizontally across organisations. As a result BPM and Case Management applications must be able to integrate gracefully with existing business applications such as CRM, ECM and ERP and well as legacy databases and put the data contained in the applications to work on behalf of the process.  On premise this isn’t a major problem however moving to a hybrid BPM or Case Management solution that requires the integration of cloud and on premise applications this becomes more difficult.

As BPM and Case Management applications move to the cloud having a coherent cloud integration story will become a major part of the value proposition provided by vendors.


1 thought on “BPM and Case Management Cloud Integration

  1. Interoperability is all-important. A case management system and automated resource management environment for ad hoc and structured work needs to be able to link to multiple local and remote systems, including free-form knowledge bases. Our approach to this was to build a generic data exchanger that allows multiple trading partners (publishers and subscribers) to read/write data using their individual data element naming conventions.

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