CRM – Pimp My Ride

I’ve only watched the MTV program Pimp My Ride a couple of times, I actually prefer Trick My Truck for some good ole boy, big rig action. On Pimp My Ride car enthusiasts take an old banger and add a bit of bling to it. The end result usually confirms the age old saying that you can’t polish a turd.

I got round to thinking about Pimp My Ride this week while reading this article on the “5 trends that will change CRM”. In the responses to the “5 trends that will change CRM” the usual suspects appeared; mobility, social, data analytics as well as some new ones gamification, customer influencing factor. This is all fine and I expect that all of these will influence CRM in some way over the next five years. The problem is though that at the moment CRM is still a bit of an old banger. Adding social and gamification to a CRM suite is the IT equivalent of pimping your ride.

My call centre colleagues are going to be jealous as hell when they see this.

Despite spending huge sums on CRM suites many organizations still struggle to deliver competent customer service. Within the CRM suites themselves the horizontal integration between the Sales, Marketing and Support functions of the CRM suites remain poor let alone CRM integration with other business applications.

Call centres remain the modern equivalent of the workhouse. A production line where employees work to a script or fixed workflow and have no opportunity to use their own discretion or to suggest alternative paths for their customers. All of this leads to high employee turnover, demotivation and poor customer service.

If there’s one trend that will change CRM my vote goes for, focus on your employees. It may not be sexy, it may not have chrome bumpers or jewel encrusted cup holders, but it’s likely to be more effective than pimping out your CRM application with social, data analytics and gamification features.


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