Do we now have a Legal Definition for Social Networking?

As I said in a previous post social networks are about enabling conversations. Social networks take conversations to a hyper level.

It seems that the law, at least in the UK agrees with me. Following the successful appeal by Paul Chambers in the Twitter Joke trial last week the judges provided this definition of twitter

 “‘Tweets’ include expressions of opinion, assertions of fact, gossip, jokes (bad ones as well as good ones), descriptions of what the user is or has been doing, or where he has been, or intends to go. Effectively it may communicate any information at all that the user wishes to send, and for some users, at any rate, it represents no more and no less than conversation without speech.”

Conversations involve both talking and listening, not broadcasting. Without understanding the conversational aspect of social media its use within the enterprise for marketing purposes or to improve business processes is doomed to fail.


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