White Papers

1. BPM in the Cloud – Transforming the Business Case for Process Improvement

It’s taken a while but business process management (BPM) technologies are making the transition to the cloud. In the same way the cloud has transformed the business case for generic business applications, BPM in the cloud represents an opportunity for small and medium size organizations to de-risk their process improvement activities and access powerful process solutions that would have previously been denied to them.
This Article discusses the business benefits of choosing a cloud enabled BPM platform and where BPM fits into the overall cloud architecture. In addition it looks forward showing the deployment of BPM in the cloud as the first step of a journey that will eventually transform where and how business processes are delivered.

2. Using-Case-Management-to-Empower-Employees and Transform Customer Experience

Despite being aware of the business benefits of improved customer service, public and private organizations globally are struggling to step up to the mark and in some cases are getting punished by regulators and their customers, putting the very future of their businesses at risk.

The traditional view of the customer relationship as a simple dichotomy between the competing needs of the business for improved productivity and efficiency and the needs of the customer for improved service levels and increased satisfaction is no longer valid. Businesses struggling to improve their customer service are failing to recognize the role and consider the needs of their own employees. Traditional approaches to customer service using CRM and automated workflows are failing because they do not consider the power of the employee. Attempts to automate the employee out of the customer service equation have backfired.

This paper shows how successful customer service organizations have transformed customer service by empowering their employees. We will see how Case Management applications are best placed to deliver employee empowerment and transform customer service, delivering benefits to all three stakeholders in the customer relationship; the customer, the business and the employee.

9 thoughts on “White Papers

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  3. Hi Peter,

    I just finished reading your BPM in the Cloud – Transforming the Business Case for Process Improvement paper and it looks interesting.

    I would like to use you paper as a reference in my research, also i was wondering if you have published any following papers to the one mentioned above or any recent papers about Cloud BPM in general or Benefits and adoption rate of cloud BPM.


    • Hi, happy for you to reference my paper. Please send me a link to your final version.

      Mostly focusing on the IoT market at present as you can see from my blog, and the role of process in IoT solutions.

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